TK Kravitz, one half of the duo TK-N-Cash, is premiering his solo single "Ready" today (May 25) with XXL. The upbeat club banger comes fully equipped with bounce, a catchy hook and great adlibs. TK asks the ladies are they "Ready" for the TK Kravitz experience.

"I got my hand on the steering wheel, the other on that pussy/GPS is tellin' me I'm 'bout to get some pussy/cop pulled me over but I'm on the way to pussy/200 on the dash and I swear I'm bout to push it/You can tell that I'm ready," raps Kravitz on the hook.

"Ready" is just one of the number of hits TK-N-Cash have been droppin' lately. They dropped the Zayban-produced “Money on Money” featuring Young Thug in January. This comes after their smash hit “3X In A Row,” which has been playing on radio stations across the country ever since. That single was remixed by 2 Chainz. The duo are planning to release an EP this year.

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