As he gears up for his next project, TK Kravitz drops off his latest track, "Ocean" featuring Jacquees.

The Atlanta rapper gets sultry on the soulful track, praising the woman in his life. "I swear I'm drowning, yeah, I'm drowning, yeah, I'm drowning/You fuck me good and I good ’til I'm lazy, babe/Never had no pussy like yours, it got me crazy, babe, it got me crazy, babe," Kravitz croons.

Going back and forth with Kravitz, Jacquees blends his smooth vocals with the rapper's laid back voice, singing, "I'm in your ocean, it got me floating, it got you talking shit/It got me slapping on that ass like I'm owning it/And when I'm gone you call my phone and say I'm wrong for this/That pussy good, they might catch on to this."

While it's uncertain if "Ocean" will appear on TK's upcoming EP 2.0, the artist has big plans for the project. In August, XXL caught up with Kravitz who revealed the meaning behind the title.

"I’m just giving you me. I could come up with names or whatever, [but] I’m giving you me," he said. "That’s TK Kravitz, so that’s why I kept it self-titled. And 2.0, it’s just, sonically, it’s bigger, you know what I mean? Subject matter, it’s deeper, so everything is just going deeper and going bigger, that’s why I call it 2.0."

As for which producers will work on the project, TK didn't reveal much but did tell us he was collaborating with Exotic Muzik. "That’s my blood brother and we came up in the game together so we’ve created music since I can remember," he said. "His sound has evolved, I feel like my sound has evolved and I feel like it’s time to give the world the sound that we’ve literally been working on for our whole life damn near, and it’s finally coming to fruition."

TK Kravitz's 2.0 EP is scheduled to release this Spring. Listen to "Ocean" below.

300 Entertainment / Reckless Republic
300 Entertainment / Reckless Republic

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