TK Kravitz has set out on his own in the last two years, after originally being part of the duo TK-N-Ca$h. That journey has included solo projects, such as 2016's TK Kravitz, and the forthcoming EP 2.0. Now, the Georgia rapper's latest single is "Mile Away," a song about keeping your life clear and positive.

TK is proactive; he knows trouble when it's near. "I see bullshit from a mile away/I do the best I can to keep that shit away," he admits. Things then get a little more personal: "I end up in depression when I'm thinking 'bout my ex/I'm living life right now but I'm always thinking next."

His second verse is solid too. "I don't sign shit if I ain't get my fair share/I was fucked up now I spend like I don't care," he spits, showing that things have changed for the better. He's still paying attention, though: "Need to endorse me, I drink too much Belaire/I'm fresh as hell, I can tell how they stare/But damn, bullshit I can feel it in the air."

Earlier this year, TK dropped the single "Ocean" with Jacquees, then let the accompanying video fly a few months after.

Give "Mile Away" a listen below.

300 Entertainment / Reckless Republic
300 Entertainment / Reckless Republic


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