In 2015, rap beef isn't handled in the streets, it's out there on Twitter for the world to see. This week, three of the hottest artists in the rap world in Young Thug, Future and Metro Boomin duked it out online. Here's a timeline of what has gone down thus far.

Everything popped off on Nov. 9 when Metro Boomin sent out a series of tweets criticizing rappers of trying (and failing) to emulate Future's year by putting out a series of mixtapes. Young Thug thought the producer and frequent collaborator may have been throwing subliminal shots his way which set off a whole flurry of social media drama:

Thug somewhat retracted his statements and claimed to have nothing but respect for Future (and followed that by poking fun at the amount of lean he sips) but Hendrix didn't take too kindly to the young rapper's claims and soon enough, the two were trading darts on Twitter:

Metro responded saying that there were no subliminal shots being thrown Thug's way:

The next day, however, Boomin did away with the subliminal jabs and told Thugger to pull up:

Thugger responded the next morning with a threat of physical violence and retweeted Boomin's previous tweet with nothing but an emoji as a response:

For all we know, Thugger and Boomin could be putting all of this on as a front and are in the studio right now cooking up. But if the beef is real, it would be a real disappointment if it was the end of their artist/producer relationship.