Pastor Joel Osteen has come under major fire after he did not immediately open his megachurch doors to shelter those in Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. While plenty of celebrities are donating as much as they can to help, T.I. is sending some major shots at the pastor on Instagram and using his platform to inform the public of Osteen's alleged wrongdoings.

The "War Zone" rapper starts off his rant by speaking on why he does not trust megachurches, being that they earn tons of money each year but come up short in giving back when people are in need.

"This is why people (like me) don't trust the mega churches," Tip writes. "How can someone (especially a so called man of God) make 70+Ms a yr TAX FREE from citizens of a city that's now in distress & in dyer need of food water & shelter NOT OPEN THE DOORS OF GODs HOUSE (supposedly) to help those in need?"

He then directly calls out Osteen, tagging him in the post, and remarking that he is a "fraud" that is sitting back as people lose all of their belongings and lives.

"YOU SIR ARE A FRAUD!!!! Ministers,preachers,pastors,reverends are all supposed to be SERVANTS sent here to do the LORDS work. Not just sitting back in comfort watching as satin has his way!!!! FOH!!! We CANNOT AFFORD to continue to just go & give our money away to people who pose as "Preachers" or their BIG lavish MEGA CHURCHES WITHOUT HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE WHEN WE NEED THEM!!!!! Tithing is selfless acts of kindness & what you do for OTHERS. Stop giving y'all money to these LIKE THEY GON TURN YOUR BREAD OVER TO GOD!!!! Nigga please."

While Osteen has now opened the church's doors to those in need of shelter after the hurricane, he is still facing tons of backlash from the delayed response. It looks like he could also take a page out of Trae Tha Truth's book, as the rapper has stepped up to save lives in the middle of the storm.

See T.I.'s full rant to Joel Osteen in the post below.

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