A lot of tracks from Detox are recently leaking with T.I. either ghostwriting and referencing or hired just to reference (which I fail to believe he is just referencing because other artists such as Game, Xzibit, or Bishop Lamont sound more like Dre and would serve as a better reference artist). So it came to my attention that if T.I. is capable of songs like this?

The obvious answer is to sell records but when TIP first came in the game with I'm Serious or even Trap Muzik he was hard body and everyone loved it(or over a million people loved it). But his last LP played like that of Curtis with all this Pop music. Is this what the music industry became; a place where crossover records; by way of lost of artistic integrity, and hardcore fans is the only way to sell millions. Wayne definitely thought so. Here I though T.I. fell off, lost a step ran out of rhymes or whatever have you; but NO he just wants to push units like he supposedly did coke. I don't know whether to be excited one of my favorite rappers still can rhyme with the elite or upset that he's selling out for sake of the possibility of selling a couple thousand more records.

This is the problem with Hip Hop now, too many artists want to sell records but few want to make actual good music. This causes more die hard real Hip Hop fans to go underground like Master Splinter. Slaughterhouse, Drake, Jay Electroncia, Mickey Factz, Blu, and Evidence, have become my G-Unit, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Common, Snoop, and T.I. I have no problem with these new leaders of the new school, but what happens when they make it big time, which I pray doesn't happen because then I will again have to look for a new group of starving artists.

If T.I. is any indication of what the mainstream superstar psychy is then this game is all fucked up. Pop, Rock, and Jazz artists rarely ever try just to sell records. Most of the time Rock Albums only come out once every other year or may even take longer because they want to make sure they put out the best product possible. Maybe that is the reason so many of the groups from the 70's and 80's are still relevant... Maybe it isn't the fault of the Hip Hop "artists" maybe the blame should be placed on the record companies for making the bottom line the dollar or the producers for crafting songs where 30% of what they get AFTER the Label, has to go to the Sampled artists. Who knows... But what I do know that if T.I. and other artists bring that real shit more they might get my attention again.-Bonga

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