Nigerian-born rapper Thutmose has released his debut project, Man On Fire. The 15-track effort, which arrived on Wed., Oct. 24, features appearances from Pink Sweat$, Desiigner, Jay Critch and Jalen Santoy.

The cover art features Thutmose standing calm while his body is on fire while looking straight ahead in what appears to be an empty gas station. Thutmose explains that the cover is a direct correlation to how he views life.

"When chaos ensues, it doesn't matter what's happening, you can still balance it out," he said. "That's why on the cover I'm standing there on fire with my face showing no signs of distress."

Thutmose has learned many life lessons that he puts into his music. On the upbeat track, "Ride With Me," which released on March 9, the Brooklyn-raised rapper discusses living life to the fullest.

"I live a wild life, don't judge me/Smoking hella joints in the lobby/Walk in the room then leave with the girls/It ain't my fault they wanna fuck me/I ain't the same guy when I was 14," he raps.

In addition to experimenting with his sound, Thutmose uses a funky beat on "OkOk." Sitting at No. 7 on the album, the track features fellow Brooklyn rapper Desiigner while Thutmose shows off his aggressive demeanor.

"Doggy style to missionary, oh she think I'm Christian/Devil wears Prada, gotta ask the lord forgiveness/On her knees, them double D's/Eyes low when she's grabbing on my Jesus piece," he raps.

Be sure to check out Thutmose's debut project, Man On Fire, below.

Thutmose's Man On Fire Project Tracklist

1. "Intro"
2. "Man on Fire" featuring Pink Sweat$
3. "Ride with Me"
4. "For the Night"
5. "Blame"
6. "Say It to My Face"
7. "OkOk" featuring Desiigner
8. "WuWu"
9. "Let 'Em Go"
10. "Rounds" featuring Jay Critch
11. "Kanye's Favorite Song" featuring Jalen Santoy
12. "Karma" featuring Alex Mali
13. "Reflections, Pt. 1"
14. "Swat (Skit)"
15. "Pressure"



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