In June, Thouxanbanfauni surprised fans with The Lost Files, a lengthy 24-track project of his past releases with features from Ski Mask The Slump God, Famous Dex and Uno The Activist. At the time, his fans were waiting on Requiem, the mixtape he began teasing in late March, but now the long-awaited project is finally here.

Requiem is a collection brimming with catchy 16s and melodic, lo-fi trap beats. The 14-song tape is a cohesive solo effort, with Thouxanbanfauni opting for no features on every track. Project highlights include slappers like "Fully Automatic Stick," "Xenon" and "Synchronize." Requiem also includes the already-popular "Wide Awake," the mixtape's standout track. Fauni dropped the video for the bass-induced banger in July.

This is the fourth tape Thouxanbanfauni has dropped in the past two years. In 2017, the Tennessee-bred, Atlanta-raised rapper dropped Heavy Weight Champ and The Exfiles.

Recently, Thouxanbanfauni stopped by the XXL office and explained the origin of his name, revealing he overdosed and is here to tell his story. "Really I wanted to take some mothafuckin' Advil," he shares. "This nigga had some in his backpack, but he mixed all his shit with his prescriptions. So I just took a ton of them bitches... Don't do that! I lived through it though, through an OD, ya feel me? It's crazy. I shouldn't even be here, but I'm here. I'm in this bitch!"

The "Viper" spitter also explained how his name is pronounced  "It's not Funny. It sounds a lot like funny but it's not Funny," he states with conviction. "I'm not Thouxbane. I'm not Lil Thouxbane, none of that. Oh, and of course, Thouxanband, no D at the end. Thousandband$, that's not how you say it. Thoux, that's not how you say it even though like for short, I understand."

After checking out the Requiem tracklist, take a listen to the mixtape below.

Thouxanbanfauni's Requiem Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Stupid Lil Bih"
2. "Fully Automatic Stick"
3. "How You Scared of Fire"
4. "Eyes Wide Shut"
5. "Wide Awake"
6. "A/D/L/"
7. "If It Wasn't for the Hoopty"
8. "X-Men"
9. "Xenon"
10. "Rain On Ya Parade"
11. "Black Plague"
12. "Heavy Pockets"
13. "Synchronized"
14. "Double Jeopardy"


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