Thouxanbanfauni is back with two new songs. While fans wait for his Clairvoyance project, the Atlanta rapper drops "Fable (Hold On)" and "Phelps." Hear 'em both below.

"Fable (Hold On)" is produced by Jeff Gordon and Juice and finds the rapper rhyming about his life not feeling real. "Life feel like a Fable, I'm feelin' like Fable/She wanted a snow globe, that white for her nasal/Lil' baby don't listen, but do just what I say so/Count Euros and Pesos, get money and lay low/Boss up, boss up/But I can't be no bozo/Burnin' on this Backwood, I fucked up the Ozone," raps Fauni.

On "Phelps," the song is pretty self-explanatory. The aR-produced song finds Fauni rapping about meeting a special girl. "When I get that feeling that gave me the chill," he croons.

Before dropping these two new records, Thouxanbanfauni released "Flyin." He opened up the year by droping his mixtape Heavy Weight Champ.  Hopefully fans get a new project soon.

Bump both song below.

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