Dante Jones and Drew Love — better known as They. — are back with their newest track, "U-Rite," off their forthcoming debut album, Nü Religion: Hyena. The song has some bounce, with both Dante and Drew showing off their unique skills.

"We both miss those classic Miami Bass bangers from the '90s," explains Dante in an recent interview. "Those were songs that brought our people together and, to this day, make people get out of their seats the moment they come on." "We were sitting in the studio basically done with the album and Dante was going through sounds and I heard that siren," adds Drew. "I knew we could turn that into a record."

And they certainly did for their latest single. "Already know what you want/Bitch why you keep hittin' my phone/Fuck with a nigga before/Just wait till I get in my zone/Fuck all this silly talk/Marvin told me you never hit it raw/Certain shit a nigga pick up on/You cannot trick me the jig is up," Drew sings.

Ever since their EP, Nü Religion, dropped in October of 2015, They. have been one of the most buzzed about artists in hip-hop. The anticipation for Hyena is high. Check out their other songs, “Say When” and “Deep End, off the upcoming album and bump "U-Rite" above.

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