Theophilus London is one of the few people who has heard music from Kanye West's latest album So Help Me God. West and London have had a working relationship and Kanye clearly sees a lot of potential in the young artist as he executive produced London's last album Vibes. While on tour in Canada, London sat down with Montreality and gave a few details about the project:

"[Kanye] flew me out to Mexico, mostly to play basketball and then I would work on my own stuff and he's like, 'Yo, why don't you write a song for me. You know how much pussy around the world you would get if you're on my album?' I said, 'Yo, you right!'" explained London...I wrote the song for eight hours, I can't write a song for no one, Kanye West is the only person I've written a song for and I did write a really good song. I looked at Kanye and said, 'Okay, you've got your wife and kid now but you still have sex with someone. So instead of rapping about your wife and you guys having sex and stuff, make it universal. Talk about what you guys do but don't say her name.' So I wrote a song about that for his girl but universal. I'm not gonna sing it because I don't know if it made it...Kanye is changing the album everyday. When I heard the album it was done then nine months later he's still working on it. Everyday it's a new album when he wakes up. He's the hardest working dude, he's older than us all and his work ethic is triple the times of mine and everyone else I know. That's why I look up to him and stick with him and understand his mind."