Summer is the time of the year to get creative with fashion. An outfit can make or break you. Things get looser, pants get shorter, colors get brighter and the shoe game’s importance heightens exponentially. The amount of outfits that one person goes through on a hot and busy summer day is infinite.

If you find yourself struggling to figure out what to wear, don’t worry; Mr. Macadelic is here to steer you down the right path. XXL recently sat down with Mac Miller for some advice and to discuss his thoughts on streetwear, likes/dislikes and what you absolutely shouldn’t wear this summer.——Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

What are your favorite streetwear brands?

I’ve always rocked Only. I’ve been down with Only for a long time. I just wear whatever now, dude. Whatever comes. Daily Bread—always the homies. Locals Only, TreeHouse, Huf. I really like Huf. Just whatever—Hanes.

Hanes are important. I see you make your own shirts now?

Yeah. There’s a difference between merchandise and clothing. But that shirt that I wore was the Macadelic shirt that came out with the mixtape. Every now and then I get in and do a little something, but nothing too heavy yet. I want to solidify my place in music before I start branching off and doing clothes.

How do you decide what your look is for the day or for the week?

When I first started getting money, I spent so much on Bapes. Oh yeah—Bape is another one. Bape and Billionaire Boys Club. I spent so much money on Bape and Louis Vuitton and fucking like, ‘Oh—I’ve got money now, I can buy all the expensive shit.’ Now I literally wear whatever’s comfortable. There’s no thought into it at all. Whatever’s lying around. That’s what I realized—I have a closet with so much expensive clothes in there and I wear the same thing every day.

Summer styles in particular that you’d suggest?

This is what I would suggest to people. Y’all gotta stop trying too hard. That shit looks horrible. I’m not a fan of the super fashionable look. Unless you’re using it as an art. If fashion is your art then that’s one thing. I hate to see all these people trying so hard. It’s like, throw on a fuckin’ t-shirt and some jeans. Don’t try so hard. You’re much more likely to get some pussy that way.

So when you see people in flamboyant clothing, you judge them?

I wouldn’t say that, because you know there’s a time and a place for everything. I’m not going to say that I’ve never dressed flamboyantly, I just haven’t a lot recently. Everything is about being understated—you know? If you’re wearing a $500 shirt, that’s tight, but it’s even tighter if you wear a $500 shirt and you’re the only person that knows it’s a $500 shirt—you know what I’m saying?

What about shoes?

Yeah. Vans, Nikes. I always wear Nikes. I used to be a huge sneaker head, and I guess I still am. I still cop things when they come out, I still collect them, but I just haven’t been wearing as many crazy sneakers anymore. I’m more about shoes that I don’t have to care too much about. That’s another thing—I don’t like caring about my clothes. That’s why bucket hates are a lot easier to travel with than regular hats because you can throw them in your suitcase all folded up and they’re fine. Whenever I throw a regular hat in a suitcase, it gets fucked up. So bucket hats are just easier.


So Buckets?

I like it, because your line-up doesn’t have to be crispy, it’s just a lot easier. It keeps nice shade and I like the bucket hat because less people notice me when I have the bucket on. It’s more under cover.

What not to wear

Everyone needs to relax with the leather, first and foremost. You gotta chill. Leather is too much. This goes to everyone—if you make something look good, do it. The spikes and studs, I’m not all the way with that. But hey, you can make anything fly. You can do anything. I also don’t like when people like only wear [this]. Like, ‘All I wear is this.’ Switch it up. But I guess all I wear is T-shirts and sweatshirts and collared shirts and button-downs and shit. I don’t know. You’ve gotta start rocking sweats, dude. That’s the other thing. If you can come with the ill sweatpants, you’re really winning. You’re really winning with the sweats. Also, tread carefully with your sunglasses choice. Don’t go too wild with it—be careful. I just don’t like when people’s clothes are so jaw-dropping. Just have fun and don’t do anything too over the top.

How’d you feel about the Steelers draft?

I’ll say this. I always have complete full trust in the Steelers drafting. They do that very well. I trust whatever the Steelers do. I believe in them 100%--I’m ride or die.

Any needs that need to be addressed?

My main concern is our offensive coordinator. I don’t like him. He’s weak. There was that time where the Steelers D was the meanest, and the offense was exciting with the flea flickers and reverses. I didn’t like their play calling last year.

What if they pick up Tim Tebow?

Hell no. I don’t want nothing to do with that. All power to Tebow and shit, but that ain’t for us. We can’t have that much hype around anybody. The Steelers, we never have stars. Everyone just does their job. Heinz Ward, one of the best to ever do it—he was always just chill. I love Mike Wallace, but we let him go. The only thing I’m really upset about is that they let go of James Harrison, even if he’s old or hurt or whatever. There’s certain players where, to me, it means something to retire as a Steeler. I think James Harrison deserved that. Casey Hampton barely plays anymore. He can barely run out onto the field, but he’s gonna retire as a Steeler. James Harrison deserves to retire as a Steeler.

Your favorite super hero?

I fuck with Batman heavy, because it was filmed it Pittsburgh [laughs]. I fuck with Batman just because he’s not even a super hero. He’s just the man. So I fuck with Batman. Batman could’ve easily not been Batman and Bruce Wayne could’ve just caked up, fucked bitches and been cool. But he was like, “Imma do something good.” I fuck with that. He’s a G.

Super Power?

Teleportation. Nah—I’d fly. Straight up, without a doubt. You’re set. I wouldn’t even fight crime, I would just fly.