Few acts are as versatile and creative as The Roots. The band proves this once again on their new single "Bittersweet." The song is a promotional tool for Stella Artois yet Black Thought, Questlove and the crew craft something special for this unique campaign.

The Roots made two versions of "Bittersweet" to mimic the contrast of taste. While they are very similar, there are some distinct differences which bring the bitter and sweet flavors to life in musical form. Black Thought also shows why he is one of the best MCs to ever grace a microphone by putting together a verse that seamlessly references the brand he is here to promote.

"Put the roses in the vase while the guests arrive/Something for the repertoire that was kept in mind/At the tip of my tongue if I could just describe/Unforgettable is Stella Artois provides/True bittersweet place that it occupies/Life's too short to embrace the brevity/It's a moment in time, why waste and bury it/Image isn't anything but taste is everything/Every legendary when I create the recipe," Black Thought raps.

The Roots are no strangers to being involved in a promotional campaign for a major brand. The group recently provided a theme song called "Champions" for the NBA Finals. Black Thought even upped the ante by recapping each game with its own rap.

It is impressive how much The Roots can even do these days with their ongoing gig as The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon's house band. In addition to dropping new songs like "Bittersweet," The Roots are still able to rock some live shows too. The band is sure to deliver a memorable performance in October at The Roots Picnic in New York. Fans are in for some great nights of hip-hop on Oct. 1 and 2 with the Wu-Tang Clan, Freddie Gibbs and Kevin Gates also scheduled to perform.

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