Bronx rapper The Kid Daytona is back with some new music. His latest track is "Litcoin," featuring Midnite and produced by The Gifted Program.

The beat is a meeting between an old-time sounding saxophone and modern trap drums. The song overall recalls the sound of NYC rap from a few years ago, when the beats were a little more focused on throwback samples.

The Kid Daytona wastes no time, making his point early in the song. "That's word to my niggas/You heard the agenda," he rhymes. He also drops a funny metaphor with "I come through with plates I'm servin them nigga." A little further on in the song, Daytona flexes a little bit, as rappers do. "I been had bitches/Your bitch been ours/For the last minute," he serves.

The rhymer also takes over hook duty, and it's pretty catchy. "More than likely I'ma pull up really icy/For the niggas that dont like me," he reveals. "And the bitches lookin spicy, nigga/Get coins nigga/Litcoins, get Bitcoins/Rick Owens, I'm Balenciaga spicy, nigga." He's also not concerned about the past with lines like "Gettin' it now, I aint into reminiscing/All my niggas out here livin'/Getting chicken, extra spicy, nigga."

Daytona joins the slew of rappers on the cryptocurrency wave recently. 50 Cent revealed he's made millions in Bitcoin thanks to the sales of his Animal Ambition album while Nipsey Hussle has earned himself a nice chunk of change with Bitcoin and has put his fans onto the investment.

Listen to the Kid Daytona's new track "Litcoin" featuring Midnite below.


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