The Game has addressed his absence from Kendrick Lamar's The Pop Out - Ken & Friends Concert on Juneteenth, saying he didn't need to be there to recognize it was a big moment for the West Coast.

"Been seeing sh*t swirl around the internet, and sometimes, man, y’all got to hear it from the horse’s mouth, man,” Game said in the response below. "Muthaf**kas in my DMs, and all on these blog sites and whatnot, talking about, ‘The West Coast ain’t f**king with you, and you ain’t this and you ain’t that, and you’re siding with this ni**a and that ni**a.’ When the f**k y’all heard me say a muthaf**kin' thing about who I’m siding with or this and that? I’ll be in my own lane chilling, taking care of my kids out the f**king way. That’s how I made it this far in this game, man.”

Game went on to say that Kendrick did an amazing thing for the West Coast. "Now, as far as the Kendrick and Drake shit concerned, that’s Kendrick and Drake sh*t, ni**a," he said. "Kendrick do his sh*t and what he did last night that sh*t was amazing for the West Coast. I sat back and I watched it. I ain’t have to be there, you know what I’m saying?...I think it's a W for the coast. I think that what K-Dot did for a lot of West Coast ni**as last night was hard as f**k. I think it was hard. I think it was big dope of him and big-hearted of him to do that sh*t for ni**as. But that ni**a learnt that sh*t on the way up."

He continued by saying he's been "looking out" for TDE for years and that they "wanted to give me half of Top Dawg": "I didn't want nothing from them ni**as, bro. I just wanted to push muthaf**kas in the right direction...Yesterday, when I look at what Dot did for the city, I personally thought that sh*t was amazing. He didn’t have to do that but he did it. I thought that sh*t was dope. As far as my relationship with Drake? Drake is my brother. I f**k with Drake."


Although Compton, Calif. artists like YG, Dr. DreRoddy Ricch and more performed at Kendrick Lamar's The Pop Out - Ken & Friends concert last night, The Game wasn't on the stage. Chuck's absence from the lineup at K-Dot's show at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Calif., was surprising, given that he's also from the same hometown as the rappers who performed. People on X noticed he wasn't around and roasted him for it.

In 2011, Game passed the torch of West Coast rap to Kenny during a concert in Los Angeles with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Daz Dillinger and Warren G. However, people on X, formerly known as Twitter, weren't taken aback by The Game being left out of this major moment for the West Coast. In fact, X users roasted the 44-year-old rapper for not having a set at Kenny's concert.

Individuals on the social media platform presumed that Game wasn't invited to The Pop Out on Wednesday night (June 19) based on him appearing to side with Drake during rap battle between Drizzy and K-Dot. The feud really started on March 22 after Kendrick dissed Drake on Metro Boomin and Future's "Like That." The former G-Unit rhymer, who collaborated with The Boy on songs like "100" and "Good Girls Go Bad" in the past, suggested that he was Team Drake on April 16 after hopping on Instagram and posting a since-deleted video of himself listening to Drizzy's 2015 single "Energy." As the caption, Game quoted a lyric to Drake's song, "I got rap ni**as that I gotta act like I like."

After rap fans watched Kendrick Lamar's The Pop Out - Ken & Friends Concert, people on X, formerly known as Twitter, poked fun at The Game with witty tweets, assumptions about the rapper's next move and hilarious memes. Some X users also wondered why he didn't show up.

"The Game bout to diss Kendrick Lamar for not inviting him to The Pop Out Show like he did Eminem and Dr Dre. #theynotlikeus," one user typed.

"The Game jumped out the window to defend Drake and now he’s at home watching the show with the rest of us," another user wrote.

Meanwhile, a third user questioned why The Game seemed to be absent from significant events for the West Coast, posting,  "How does The Game seemingly always end up on the outside looking in of big West Coast moments?"

There were many opinions online about The Game's absence from Kendrick Lamar's concert.

Take a look at X users making fun of The Game for not being at Kenny's The Pop Out - Ken & Friends concert below.

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