On "Dollar & a Dream," from his new album The Documentary 2, Compton's The Game raps, "I put it on your head, I ain't talking no toupee/See I stayed the same, ain't go weird like Lupe." The subject of the second line, Lupe Fiasco, didn't take too kindly, as one might expect. (He's lashed out at Game, tweeting the sentence, "I prefer isolated fiscally aloof socially agile conservative nonconformist diverse avant garde disestablishmentarian.") But in a conversation with Letty Martinez, the California MC expanded on what he meant by his comments, and empathized with Lupe: “He is fucking weird,” he says, before relating the conversation to his own progression. “You obviously can’t have the old Game. I was 23 years old, I was bald-head then. If you're talking about the old Game, what’s in my heart and what my music is: I’m currently fighting three court cases--criminal. I’m currently still in the hood. My grandfather died today. My brother Big Fase still lives on Black Wall Street."

Game goes on to say that while artists change and grow over time, so do fans, and things that strike a cord with someone in 2005 might not hold as much weight now. But he admits that he doesn't relate to Lupe as he once did: “Personally, on the Lupe front, maybe I might be lost now," he says. "Or maybe Lupe is just evolving and Game can’t see it. I miss the old Lupe records when it was about Chi-town and it was hood." Game goes on, admitting that he exhibits the same attitude he's critiquing in others. "Maybe I’m being what I’m telling other people not to be. But that’s just being a fan of music...at the end of the day it’s being a Hip Hop fan and being critical and wanting the music that you want.”