Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj had $200,000 worth of goods stolen from her Los Angeles home, with local authorities reporting signs of forced entry throughout the mansion, as well as signs of vandalism. At the time, police were attempting to recover surveillance video of the break-in, but The Game seems to think that Nicki's ex Meek Mill had a hand in the robbery.

"Instead of being a REAL NIGGA & leaving the situation with ya head up standing tall, you in ya feelings so you get her house robbed & do fuck nigga shit fronting for the followers she gave you," Game wrote on Instagram Sunday (Feb. 26). "Instead of leaving yo bum ass like she should've, she held yo skinny rat face havin ass down !!! Now she gone & all you can do is try & shit on her every chance you get over social media ?? Straight pussy shit."

Game's bad blood with Meek started last year and has continued on, with the west coast rapper using a photo taken of Drake and Nicki together earlier this month as a reason to clown Meek once more. In October, Rick Ross attempted to mediate the feud and squash any lingering beef, but tensions continue to run high, with Game's latest social media call-out included below. "That day we shot #PillsNPotions... that was the last time she been held by a REAL NIGGA !!!" Game said of himself and Minaj.

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