Miami-bred rapper Stitches got knocked out by the Game's manager outside a nightclub in Miami last night (Dec. 3).

TMZ obtained the video, which shows clips of Stitches getting hit in front of a crowd of spectators and police officers. Apparently, the Miami native was upset that he couldn't get in, claiming Game told security to stop him. Stitches waited outside for hours and posted several videos on social networks riding by the West Coast native's car.

Once Game came out, things escalated. Stitches was later seen getting arrested by police. Cops tried to stop Stitches after they suspected he was about to attempt a drive-by. When off-duty officers stopped the vehicle, the Miami rapper pushed past him and the fight broke out. Game later took to Instagram and laughed at the incident."Ay that man Stiches just got his whole mouth busted in front of the muhfuckin' police man," he said. Stitches was booked for resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and a couple of outstanding warrants. To make matters even worse, the mugshot of Stitches shows visible injuries to his face. Watch more video below.

Game and Stitches have been trading shots lately. They took jabs at one another via social media, which led to disses over beats when Game dropped a freestyle on Power 105.1. Stitches also threatened him in a video, calling out the hip-hop vet.

The "100" rapper is also beefing with Instagram at the moment. After posting racy photos of himself on his page, IG decided they were too much and took them down. Game later called the platform out for the move, saying he was confused as to why his photos were singled out when people like Kim Kardashian have even more suggestive photos on Instagram.

The Game recently released his new album The Documentary 2 in October.

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