The Game's charitable streak continues as he led a fundraising effort via Instagram to draw attention to Zachaeus Water, a 3-year-old who was shot in the face. He was left for dead alongside his mother, who was murdered in an Asheville N.C. park this past May.

"My son @HvrlemTaylor found this story & keeping it [100], literally brought tears to my eyes so I immediately contacted the father & decided to make you all aware of this baby's story so we could do what we do & raise $5000 quickly for him," Game wrote in a post on Tuesday (Aug. 2).

The rapper pledged $1,000 to help the Water family. Zachaeus' father is unable to work as he cares for his son, and asked his followers to donate whatever they could. The GoFundMe page set up has raised over $9,000 in three days, with Game posting once more, thanking his fans and those who contributed.

"I'm a father & I know far too well the love instilled inside us real fathers & the pain felt when our children are hurting," he wrote. "In addition to the $5,000 me, @wack100 & our fans raised... I'm going to donate an extra $5,000 to make sure Zachaeus & his father are able to move out of harms way & better their lives from here on out...I wish I could help everyone at once but I'm only ONE MAN.... But this one man will carry the weight of the world & do as much as I can for as many of you as I can until I am dead."

Check out The Game's other charitable deeds, with his posts included above and below.

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