It looks like The Game is catching a break. The Compton, Calif. MC won't be going to jail after an arrest warrant was dropped yesterday (Oct. 25).

According to TMZ, three weeks ago, The Game was asked by the federal judge to hand over financial documents as part of proceedings for a sexual assault lawsuit against him. The judge gave the "100" rapper 48 hours to turn in the documents. After The Game didn't submit the records, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Luckily for him, he ultimately submitted the docs and the warrant was dismissed.

The lawsuit, filed in 2015 against Game, involves Priscilla Rainey, who was a contestant on a 2015 reality show, She's Got Game, starring Game. Rainey alleged the MC had sexually assaulted her during after-hours filming of the show. A judge ruled in favor of Rainey in 2016, and ordered Game to pay her $7 million.

Unfortunately for Game, this isn't the only trouble he's been caught up in this year. Aside from owing Viacom $35,000 in legal fees, the rapper also recently had a break-in at his home. The Game shared in an Instagram post that he is not one to be messed with. He warned the robbers that if they return, that he would be there waiting.

"I'll be home waiting so please come back tonite so I can put all three of you niggas in caskets for even thinking the nigga that's gone let you violate my home & leave breathing!!!!" he said. "If & when you come back "I'M KILLING ALL THREE OF YOU NIGGAS ON SIGHT"!!! So if you wanna lose your life over some Xbox's & a A few TV's... by all means, pull up & hop that gate again... ME & DRACO WILL BE WAITING!!!!"

Now that The Game's arrest warrant has been dropped, he can focus on what matters most: the music.

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