The Game’s long-standing beef with rapper 40 Glocc has reached new and expensive heights. According to TMZ, 40 Glocc is suing the Compton rapper for owed assets totaling over $200,000. In court documents obtained by TMZ, 40 claims he won the money in Nov. 2016 as a result of a previous lawsuit he filed after their infamous altercation posted on YouTube in 2012.

The rapper alleges that not only has The Game missed his payment deadlines since the lawsuit verdict, but according to the court documents, he is also hiding assets through the use of shell companies, which allow him to cover up certain business ventures he may be invested in.

The two rappers’ history dates a few years back as The Game recalls. In an interview that took place back in 2013, he said, “Let’s just take the Glocc and 40 out of his name, cause it doesn’t make sense… He, for some reason, one day, woke up and brushed his teeth and felt like he wanted to say something about me.” However, the feud escalated when 40 allegedly used The Game’s son as a Twitter alias. “You can do whatever you want to me. Rap about me; you can shoot me, kill me, stab me, it doesn’t matter. You talk about my kids, that’s when it gets really real,” the rapper explained.

It is not clear on whether The Game has responded to 40’s allegations or not, but if true, the rapper owes a total of $216,775.52 to his former “friend” turned enemy.
Tatiana Pile

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