In what most would consider an unconventional move for someone awaiting trial in an unrelated assault case, The Game has agreed to fight the Miami rapper Stitches after the latter requested a one-on-one bout.

In an Instagram post from roughly 12 hours ago, the Compton rapper continued to mock Stitches for being knocked out by Game's manager, Wack 100, who Game claims is a full six inches shorter than his adversary. The caption underneath the post laughs off Stitches' suggestion of a $100,000 purse, offering to fight him for free -- and throw in first-class air fare to Los Angeles -- if he can first win a fight against one of Game's white friends.

See the response in full below, where Game continues to mock Stitches for getting knocked out in front of the police, and where he points out that his opponents are quick to act tough knowing full well Game is legally barred from retaliating.

The bad blood between the two dates back to earlier this year, when the rappers began trading shots on social media and on the radio. Tensions came to a head earlier this month with the confrontation between Stitches and Wack 100; later that same week, Stitches was jumped on camera and suggested that Game and his entourage were somehow involved. And though he has re-enacted the early December confrontation on stage, Game is not one to rest on his laurels: he recently announced a new, guest-free project called 1992.

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