Stitches got knocked out by the Game's manager last night and the whole thing was captured on video, which quickly spread to the world thanks to TMZ. The public humiliation isn't stopping Stitches from continuing to antagonize The Documentary 2 creator though. After Stitches put his Instagram on private following the incident, the Miami rapper returns to the public to announce a challenge.

Stitches released an Instagram video detailing his side of the situation following his release from jail. Stitches claims he was sucker punched and that the police were paid off by the Game. In his second video, Stitches went on a rant about how brave he was for stepping to Game's entourage. He then challenged the "100" rhymer to a one-on-one fight. In the Instagram caption, Stiches wrote, "I want a fair fight. I'll put 100k on it."

The Game has made a variety of posts today (Dec. 4) taunting Stitches about last night's altercation. He also posted an Instagram note about the fight from his point of view.

"The same mouth you talked about my kids from got busted the fuck open. Now the stitches on ya mouth ain't no fuckin tattoo. You brought ya lil' dumb ass up there with five clowns packed in a Porsche, drove around for two hours making an Insta-Movie. All five got out the car acting tough because the police was out there. You ran up, ya homies didn't move and you got yo pussy ass knocked out on video in front of the police," The Game wrote.

You can check out all of the posts from Stitches and The Game below.