He’s been called “The Cigarette Burn Rap King.” Get familiar with this 26-year-old out of Seattle who recently released his revealing, open book of an album, Flowers For My Father.

Standout: "Russian Roulette"

Also check out: "City in Amber"

And: "Kill the King"

Name: Sadistik

Age: 26

Hometown: Seattle

I grew up listening to: I fell in love with rap at an early age. I was really into West Coast music, like Dogg Pound, Above the Law, and DJ Quik as well as some of the darker Southern rap: Three Six Mafia, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Goodie Mob and Outkast. I also have my phases of only listening to gritty East Coast rap like Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, etc. I think a lot of people assume I grew up listening to some of the indie rappers I get compared to at times, but I was obsessed with rap music long before I even knew those people existed.

Most people don't know I: Am obsessed with film, particularly horror and arthouse. I have a collection of cult movies that's a little ridiculous. Particularly movies from the 70s tends to inspire me heavily. I'm also secretly academic. I was doing interviews to go into PhD programs for clinical psychology, but I decided to put that off to rap. Maybe one day.

My style's been compared to: A myriad of people, but I don't really like the comparison game. A magazine recently called me "the cigarette burn rap king," and I thought that one might be okay.

My standout records and moments to date have been: Earning the respect of some of my favorite artists and artists who have influenced me has been humbling and exciting. I'm really proud of a my new record, Flowers For My Father, but I would say I'm particularly fond of the song on there "Russian Roulette," which features Cage, and "Snow White." I like the colors those two songs make me think of.

My goal in hip hop is: To express myself honestly and creatively. I want to push the latter as far as I can while keeping my integrity intact. I want to make music for the unsung, you know?

I'm gonna be the next: I have no idea, but hopefully I'll be the next person that there was only one of.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @TheRealSadistik

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