This 24-year-old out of North Memphis juices elements of soul and R&B to create his own blend of Southern hip-hop.

Standout: "City Love"

Also check out: "Run The Town"

And: "Evol"

Name: Bobby Walton

Age: 24

Hometown: North Memphis, TN

I've been rapping since: I honestly dont know .... I made my first song when I was 15 if that helps answer your question

My style has been compared to: Well I have my own style, but I could truly say Drake opened the doors for my style to be heard.

My standout moments and records to date have been: My favorite moment was when I threw my first show in Columbia, MO. It was snowing outside and we still managed to bring a packed house. I had a couple fuck boys in the crowd hating, but overall, the love was there. My favorite track, which will always be my favorite is "City Love". The magic behind that song can not be done by nobody but me and Teddy. The "City Love" beat is actually a reverse of a song I made called "Closer". As soon as I heard it, I jumped in my closet in start recording it.

I'm gonna change the game by: I can't change the game. I can only do my part and bring another real nigga in it .

My goal in hip-hop is: To be a part of the hip-hop family. I might not be the coldest freestyler or make the best punchlines, but I do get my point across and you gone feel me on every track.

I'm gonna be the next: Hugh Hefner

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