The Alchemist dips into his bag and ups some previously used gems for the fourth installment of his instrumental series Rapper's Best Friend.

The project features instrumentals for bangers like Action Bronson's "Terry" and "Big League Chew," Danny Brown's "White Lines," Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs' "Fetti" and Havoc's "Seize Power."

Now considered an OG in the game, the ALC isn't showing any signs of slowing down. A few months back, he recorded an entire album with Westside Gunn and Conway in less than 48 hours. “We just left his house right now to come here,” Westside said in an interview with B-Real. “We just did a whole album in a day and a half. Just wrote the whole shit, eleven songs, in a day and a half. Man, the shit is phenomenal. I can’t until till that shit drop.”

If Swizz Beatz has his way, Al will be a part of an ongoing beat battle series he started with Just Blaze in February. The two super producers battled it out in an epic contest, and are reportedly looking for more bouts to set up, including proposed battles between Pharrell vs. Timbaland, The Alchemist vs. El-P and DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock.

Steam Rapper's Best Friend 4 below.

1. "Genesis & Omega"
2. "Jabroni"
3. "Terry"
4. "White Lines"
5. "Like Father Like Son, Pt. 2"
6. "Out the Frame"
7. "Fetti"
8. "Big League Chew"
9. "Know Ya Wrong"
10. "Gnarly Dude"
11. "Cobb"
12. "Disappearing Ink"
13. "Last Shall Be First"
14. "Seize Power"
15. "Amen"
16. "Ajax"

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