It's now been over a week since Thanksgiving, a day that Tee Grizzley and Lil Durk originally promised would bring the release of their eagerly anticipated joint project. Obviously, that didn't happen, but yesterday, the two did pop up with "What Yo City Like," a frenetic new track where the two rappers take you through their respective neighborhoods.

The new song is a classic sort of rap back and forth that finds Tee and Durk delivering six short individual verses before joining one in their final sequence. The verses are short, but each are densely packed with details about the hustler's life in their city.

"I'm from the city of Kwame/Clean up the scene, wipe off the choppers/And drive to the lake and get rid of the bodies/What your city like?" spits Tee, whose My Moment project is one of the best of 2017. Responding to the ferocious Detroit rhymer, Durk paints a picture where respect for your elders isn't a thing because the younger heads run the block.

"Shit, we do not honor no OG/They smoke you and turn you to OG/Had that young nigga take that case, he juvie/You must be stupid think you gang gang, boy your ass a goofy/Know some bitches that be crackin' giffys, they be boostin/What your city like?" raps Durk.

"What Yo City Like" will presumably pop up on Tee and Durk's forthcoming Bloodas project, which drops next Friday (Dec. 8).

Listen to "What Yo City Like?" below.

300 Entertainment / Def Jam
300 Entertainment / Def Jam

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