Tee Grizzley is no stranger to sharing his raw thoughts and stories in his music, but now he's delivering his candid opinions on a slew of trending topics.

While sitting down to participate in XXL's Views series, the Detroit rapper shares his thoughts on Donald Trump's presidency, Meek Mill's recent incarceration, NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem and more.

Despite his controversial and intensely-criticized presidency in office, Trump does earn a compliment from Grizzley in the new interview.

"Donald Trump is a good businessman, and I say that because he made a lot of money, so he got to be," the rapper states. "As far as his presidency, I ain't pay no attention to him and what he been doing in office."

Further into the video, the "First Day Out" MC talks about Meek Mill currently being incarcerated for violating his probation, as Grizzley, himself, was previously locked up for robbery before his breakout success this past year.

"I feel like they overcharged him. They did too much," Tee explains regarding Meek's case. "She tried to like...I don't know what she was on, but she just did too much though. I feel like he could have got off way lighter. It's people that did more stuff and got way lighter."

Tee Grizzley also offers an unpopular opinion on the NFL players who are kneeling in protest of the National Anthem, which seems to be pretty opposite to what Redman previously said to us.

"Kneeling ain't doing nothing for me," he says. "I ain't taking nothing away from them."

Watch Tee Grizzley share more of his thoughts for XXL's Views series in the video below.

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