Tech N9ne's The Storm album is finally set to drop on Friday (Dec. 9). The Strange Music boss wanted to give fans one last preview of the LP with his new song "Get Off Me" featuring Problem and Darrein Safron. All three men deliver some quality bars, but Tech refuses to be upstaged on his own track.

"Whoever said Tech Nina ain't the shizzy is a buster deluxe with cheese/My foot is ready to touch ya and scuff the 3's/You couldn't move 'em with a Mustard beat plus with Yeez/Cause yousa sorry mother sucker, I'll buck ya, then puff the trees/I'm for real/Do I kill her, certainly so/Your lady say she don't 'member ever squirting before/Till she had this player in the middle of the west, a flirting negro/I'll knock her way down the coach from her burking ego," Tech raps on the second verse.

"Get Off Me" is part of The Storm's Kingdom section, which explores Tech's narcissistic side. Check out the tracklist below to see what songs are included in each of the LP's three sections.

Tech N9ne's The Storm Tracklist

1. “Godspeed”
2. “Need Jesus” Feat. Stevie Stone and JL
3. “Sriracha” Feat. Logic and Joyner Lucas
4. “Wifi (skit)”
5. “Wifi (WeeFee)”
6. “Erbody But Me” Feat. Bizzy and Krizz Kaliko
7. “Get Off Me” Feat. Problem and Darrein Safron

Clown Town
8. “I Get It Now” Feat. Krizz Kaliko
9. “Hold On Me” Feat. Kate Rose
10. “Starting To Turn” Feat. Jonathan Davis
11. “Poisoning The Well”

G Zone
12. “Buss Serves” Feat. Big Scoob and Young Devi D
13. “No Runnin To Ya Mama”
14. “Buddha” Feat. Boyz II Men and Adrian Truth
15. “No Gun Control” Feat. Gary Clark Jr. and Krizz Kaliko
16. “What If It Was Me” Feat. Krizz Kaliko
17. “Anywhere” Feat. Marsha Ambrosius
18. “Til I’m Gone” Feat. Kiddo A.I.
19. “The Needle” Feat. Krizz Kaliko
20. The Long Way” Feat. Krizz Kaliko

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