Everyone is inspired and influenced by someone else, especially your favorite producers. When it comes to a genre like hip-hop, being moved by another artist's work is a popular story of today's most well-known acts. Taz Taylor, co-founder of the production crew Internet Money, has made a name for himself through his credits on songs like Drake and Future's "Blue Tint," XXXTentacion and Trippie Redd's "Fuck Love" and more.

With his empire steadily growing, the 25-year-old Jacksonville, Fla., native hasn't forgotten his roots. In XXL's new video series Pay Homage, Taz discusses the most important beats that have either influenced him or played a pivotal role in his career.

While some of the beats he highlights he had a hand in producing, others simply showcased just how far his craft could go. Early in the conversation, Taz chooses the beat on Jeezy's "I Got Money," which is produced by southern hip-hop pioneer DJ Toomp. Considering Toomp doesn't get enough credit for his contributions, Taz makes sure to give him props for what he's done. "DJ Toomp has inspired a lot of the trap sound we hear now and that sound is originally what made Kanye wanna do it," he explains, making a reference to Kanye's "Can't Tell Me Nothing."

Taz then segues right into his second pick: Kanye West's "Through The Wire." "I come from a background where people make music with full bands, so that was my first time where I really found that producers were just one person," the producer reveals. He also shares that this idea is what got him to start producing in the first place. Considering Kanye is still active, it's fascinating to see his work directly affecting the next generation of producers.

For more of Taz Taylor's picks, including a beat that he actually had a hand in creating, check out the rest of the video above.

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