Taylor Bennett puts his own spin on Kendrick Lamar's "Feel" for a new song. The song is just a preview of the mixtape Taylor is currently working on. For "Feel," Bennett gets a couple things off his chest.

"A vision of what is scenic/If I tell the truth, you woulda seen it/Demons that look bulimic, starving kids from the kingdom/A preacher that's always dreamin'," he raps.

To go along with the new record. the Chicago native wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram about his approach to the industry. "Very often I've had thoughts of quitting this industry but even when I get so low that I want to give up there is an energy that pushes me to want to vent... I ride the waves and star gaze 2 keep writing the Bible," he wrote. "While I was writing this it felt like my last attempt to breach the music industry which explains the ending chorus, 'I feel like won't nobody play this for me."

In 2015, Taylor released his  debut album, Broad Shoulders. His most recent project, Restoration of an American Idol, was dropped in February

Bump Taylor Bennett's new track below.

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