Taylor Bennett, the younger brother of Chance The Rapper, has been making a name all his own. His latest song is "Be Yourself," with additional vocals from Bianca Shaw.

The track pushes the idea of not changing for the outside world, and being the person you truly want to be. "Why these teachers laugh at me when I say I'ma be the mayor/When I say I'm serious, why they smiles don't disappear," he raps, reminiscing on his past when people didn't believe in his dreams. "'Cause I ride that CTA, 4.0 ain't my GPA/My mama was so proud of me, Lisa Bennett not Lisa Ray."

Taylor also talks about the the newfound attention that comes with his brother becoming a superstar: "Been a while since I've been to church no wonder I'm feelin' cursed/Wishin' this was '05 back when ain't nobody give a fuck/Before this Acid Rain dance, and that's when we were good enough/From playpens to stadiums, that's a lot of growing up."

He also touches on his personal life; he came out as bisexual last year. "I'm an outstanding Afro-American bisexual havin' shit/Change your dreams if they average," he spots. "If your workplace is adamant, how the fuck it ain't accurate?"

Bianca Shaw sticks to the bridge of the song. She stays with the theme, singing about knowing your true self: "You know, deep down/We're all our own kind/You know, diamonds take pressure/Diamonds take pressure."

Last year, Taylor started his own indie label, Tay Bennett Entertainment, and hit the road this spring, performing at the Boston Calling Music Festival.

Check out "Be Yourself" below.

Tay Bennett Entertainment
Tay Bennett Entertainment

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