Tate Kobang is back with a new track, and this one definitely slaps. Titled "No Type," the song serves as an unbridled flexing anthem.

"I don't love these bitches don't believe the hype/Bitches always on my 'Gram ain't got no life/Don't claim me bitch I ain't got no wife/Fucking all these bitches, I ain't got no type," Kobang spits on the track, which is produced by KobangY G! Beats and Millz Douglas.

When Kobang isn't spitting about his bedroom habits, he's rapping about traditional rapper stuff—namely being better than all the lames of the world. "Big dog shit, big dog drip/Keep it real with your niggas, a big dog shit/I don't take no L's, nigga I ain't lost shit/In the trenches with my chain, you ain't robbing shit," he spits on the track.

Hailing from Baltimore, Md., Tate Kobang has long been one of the most talented artists from the DMV. Speaking with XXL last December, the rapper revealed his plans to take over in 2018.

"I’m just ready to apply pressure," he said at the time. "I don’t know, I’m not really impressed with people’s music nowadays. I feel the longevity. Everybody’s that’s heard my music or seen my grind say that, 'You’re not gonna be an overnight thing. It’s gon' be one of those Drake, Kendrick Lamar situations. It’s gon take some time for you to really be where these old niggas is at. But you gon last.' ’Cause I got it. I can do everything; country music, all that shit. So reinventing myself as times goes [on] ain’t gon be nothin, man. Just need the support, that’s it. We get them eyes, we gone go."

Check out "No Type" for yourself below.


Tate Kobang via SoundCloud
Tate Kobang via SoundCloud

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