Tate Kobang revisits his Since We're Here mixtape for a music video to the tape track "Don't Need." The video starts off with an apparent initiation before dropping that plotline for the most part. Tate Kobang and guest artist Freeband Test are seen dancing with their crew in various locations and performing their collaboration.

"I don’t fuck with young n---as, we OG up/Young nigga pull up with that pistol, probably freeze up/Was 13 when I learned how to zip them T’s up/I put that Perc up in my system now I’m T’d up/These n---as talking ‘bout them trenches, I don’t know ya/Don’t make me spin up in this bitch, this shit like O-Dog/My mama told me fuck them bitches, run your bands up/My grandmama always asked me pull my pants up/I pray to god I don’t ever be a broke boy/Fuck Michael Jordan, always wanted to be a dope boy/I call my n---a Test and tell him run the plays up/I cut the middle man, I said we making pay cuts," Tate Kobang raps on the opening verse.

The Since We're Here mixtape and subsequent videos aren't the only releases fans can expect from Tate Kobang in 2016. The Baltimore rapper has big plans including Swizz Beatz serving as the executive producer of Tate's debut album. The 300 Entertainment signee revealed Swizz's involvement last month.

"Swizz Beatz is executive producing the album. We’re looking to drop around September," Tate Kobang said in an interview with his hometown paper. "Looking to do my own tour. I know I got a couple of tours coming up that we’re working on getting on and everything. We’re going to shoot everything for this mixtape. I’m going to be everywhere, man. People are going to get tired of seeing me."

Tate Kobang said he and Swizz Beatz clicked when they first met and the collaboration was sparked from there. It will be interesting to see what direction the album takes under Swizz's watchful eye.

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