Chicago MC Tadoe just teamed up with Ballout for the release of their brand new video. Shot by ColourfulMula, “Liver” captures both rappers hanging with fellow Chi-Town native Chief Keef as they smoke their weed, count their money and rap about their chains, watches, women and more importantly their rise to success.

“Got the foreign, no strikers/Got your wife I ain’t wife her/Treat the hoe so triflin’/But I'm a player and she like it,” Tadoe raps in the opening hook. “Bitch you know I'm that nigga/Pouring full for my liver/24 in the swisher/24’s on the Fisker/Bitch I flex like sit ups/Try to rob, get hit up/Big Drills and stick ups/Bah bah can’t get up/Bitch you know I'm not that nigga.”

“I put ice in my Rollie/I put bands on my brodies/I be high speed from police/In the hood smokin’ OG,” Ballout raps on the second verse. “All these chains look like trophies/Big face hunnids I’m holdin’/My ice look like it’s glowin’/My trap house is so loaded/We got the south in the low end/My price is the lowest/I be flexin’ in Rovers/And we walk straight into the club we aint lettin’ no hoe in.”

Tadoe was featured on Chief Keef’s Two Zero One Seven project, which he dropped at the beginning of the year. Ballout closed out his 2016 with his mixtape Life of a Glo’ Boy. Keef, Tadoe and Ballout all joined forces last month for their “Reload” video. Now, they’re all together again in this “Liver" visual.

Check out the full video below.

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