T.I. recently visited a Footaction in NYC to help style unsuspected customers at the sportswear retailer.

In the video below, Tip helps the customers pick out some of the hottest items from Footaction. From Hustle Gang to Jordan and Nike, Tip loads the customers with tons of apparel and footwear. The customers however, are under the impression that the Atlanta rapper will be paying for their gear. When T.I. and the customers approach the register to pay for the items, Tip gets an unsuspected phone call and leaves the counter area to handle his important "business call." The customers then become puzzled when Tip doesn't show up to pay the bill and their stuck with the clerk asking them to pay for the over the top bill.

Check out the funny clip of T.I. pranking these customers below, and make sure you go and pick up T.I.'s upcoming album Paperwork on Oct. 21.