Fans have been waiting for the rumored T-Pain and Lil Wayne joint project for so long they might have even forgotten they were waiting at all. Today (May 17), T-Pain reignited speculation about the project when he tweeted out an image of what appears to be a cover for the rumored project.

In the buzz-creating tweet, the Tallahassee, Fla.-based singer wrote, "Do it? #TWayne." The tweet has since been retweeted and "liked" over 17,000 times combined. We'll take that response as a collective "yes" from fans everywhere.

The photo attached to the tweet appears to be a cover for T-Wayne, as it features a sketch of half of T-Pain's face against half of Weezy's. It looks pretty cool.

Like we said before, T-Wayne has been rumored for years now. Like seriously, it's been ben almost a decade since news of a potential joint project from Weezy and T-Pain first started being discussed. Unfortunately for fans, it's never actually materialized, though the two hip-hop luminaries have collaborated on a regular basis in the years since.

Will T-Pain drop the project? Is its release even up to him in the first place? We don't know.  But it would be insanely dope if the two ever dropped it.

In any case, you can peep the photo that may or may not be the official cover for T-Wayne in T-Pain's tweet just below.

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