One of the hottest songs out right now is SahBabii’s catchy “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick.” SahBabii, a young Atlanta native who dropped his breakout tape SANDAS last fall, is one of the brightest new faces in hip-hop right now. His “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” video has over 10 million plays on YouTube and received cosigns from artists including Kehlani, Metro Boomin and plenty more.

Fetty Wap took a crack at the song two weeks ago and today (April 6), T-Pain jumps on the song for a T-Mix. Teddy Pendergrass keeps the song basically intact except for the opening guest verse, which he handles. He glides over the catchy tune, using his signature sound while crooning about being about the action.

"Pull up on your bitch, she let me hit/She saw the whip, she know that I'm the shit/Took me to the crib, then she got up on that dick/Then she let me suck them titties right in front of your kid/I'ma pull up with bazookas, hit 'em from a mile away/Pull up with them packs and let my bitches take 'em out of state/Pull up with the MAC, I might just blow your fuckin' mind, okay?/Niggas hatin' on me in the club 'cause their diamonds fake," he raps.

It was previously reported that Drake wants to jump on the official remix for SahBabii's“Pull Up Wit Ah Stick.”

For now, check out the T-Mix below.

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