Despite making tons of hit songs about strippers, bartenders and fawning over all kinds of women throughout his career, T-Pain is a devoted husband to his longtime wife. The Tallahassee, Fla. crooner has been married to Amber Najm since 2003, which came before his rise in the music game, and he let fans know just how strong their foundation really is.

Revealing the hilarious scenario to fans on Twitter, the "May I" singer tweets about his nightly routine with his wife turning into a search for cat GIFs on the social content site, Reddit, before realizing they've stayed up way too late.

"My marriage has turned into a nightly routine of my wife and I running down the list of reasons we should go to bed early so we can wake up and get shit done the next day," he writes. "Then by the 675th cat gif on reddit we both yell 'how the fuck is it 3am?!' Worth it. I love her."

Since his initial tweet, fans and social media users are professing their admiration for T-Pain's marriage routine, calling it relationship goals for their own future love lives. Some are even shocked to find out that T-Pain is married after making hit records about other women throughout his veteran career.

Check out some of the responses from Twitter users over T-Pain's marriage tweet below.

See How T-Pain Has Become Marriage Goals With A Single Tweet

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