T.I will serve as executive producer alongside four others, including notable television producer Cris Abrego (Flavor of Love, I Love New York), to bring you Sisterhood of Hip Hop, a reality show surrounding the lives of some rising female Hip Hop artists.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oxygen series will follow the daily routines of Diamond of Crime Mob, Nyemiah Supreme, Siya, Brianna Perry and Bia, providing detailed insight on their careers, and the bumps in the road faced when trying to make it to the top.

Diamond, who began rapping with Crime Mob in 2004 at the age of 15, told MTV about how the King of the South rapper has influenced her.

"Tip and Tiny have been like a big sister and a big bro to me for years. They've always been positive, always been supportive," she said of the rapper and his wife. "For him to have evolved from some of the things that may have happened in his past to where he is now — people looking at him and Tiny like the new Cosby’s, so I value their opinion when it came to this. When they brought the opportunity to me, I was excited."

She later goes on to explain how there is a shortage of female rappers and how important it is to have a variety of female voices for women to relate to on all levels.

"I want people to know there can be a variety of different women, just like there can be a variety of different men," she continued, remarking on the lack of female representation in hip-hop. "One female can't necessarily speak for all females. One person may not relate to me but can relate to the other girls or vice versa, so I think we got a dope combination."

The Sisterhood of Hip Hop isn’t the only thing T.I.’s premiering this year, the Atlanta rapper is also reportedly releasing his next studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture.—Morgan Murrell

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