Days after Nelly's shocking arrest for rape, T.I. has stepped forth to issue a PSA about false rape accusations. From his barber's chair, Tip uses the cases of other Black celebrities to try and make his point, seemingly implying that Black celebs are targets in false reports of sexual assault.

"I'm just sitting here thinking," Tip begins. "After Mike Tyson...after muthafuckin' Tupac...after all the other muthafuckas who done been with girls and the girls got mad for whatever reason and left off and said that they raped them or whatnot... what the fuck ever happened when a muthafucka find out that the bitch was lying my nigga? What consequences is there for this young lady?

"If more than 12 find her guilty, we got to answer to that," T.I. continues. "But, if we find out that this wasn't true, what the fuck happen to her? I'm sick of this shit, know what I mean? I'm just saying—we ain't no muthafuckin' targets. Get your shit together."

The cases T.I. is speaking of belong to professional boxer Mike Tyson and rap legend Tupac Shakur, both of whom were convicted of crimes many believed them to be innocent of. Tyson was convicted of raping an 18-year-old woman in 1992, while Shakur was convicted of first-degree sexual assault in 1994.

While Tip didn't doesn't mention Nelly by name, it feels very unlikely he's referring to any other instance, since he's a rough contemporary of the St. Louis rapper and the St. Lunatic's arrest sent immediate shockwaves through the rap community. Akon, however, said specifically that people like Nelly are targets for false rape allegations.

Recently, the woman accusing Nelly explained her side of the story, claiming the rapper forced himself upon her in his tour bus after telling her they'd only be going to a party. For his part, Nelly says the allegations are completely false.

Hear what T.I. has to say about false rape allegations in his Instagram video below

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