The ongoing Tiny-T.I.-Floyd Mayweather saga was given new life earlier this week when the press misquoted Floyd at a press conference and ran wild with claims that the boxer said he slept with Tiny. Mayweather has vehemently denied that he slept with Tiny and T.I.'s wife went on  The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to back up the boxer.

"I could just not imagine him saying, 'Oh yeah, I did that.' So, I had to go back [and] put my earbuds on so I could really, really hear," explained Tiny. "When he says it he said, 'He thought...' but when he says it his head is kind of like turned to the side. If you look at his mouth, his mouth is moving, he's saying, 'He thought.' So, he didn't really say that for real, for real. Everybody took it and the press, that's what they do. But he didn't say that 'cause that never happened. He's never been in a room with me by myself. Anytime that he's been around me it's been people like this. So I couldn't imagine him saying, 'Yeah, I did that.'"

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of this story.