T.I. changes his attention from his money to finding the right woman on his new single, "No Mediocre." This time he comes with even more firepower: Club heavy-hitter DJ Mustard and protege Iggy Azalea, who had a sudden coupe on the Hot 100 by simultaneously hitting No. 1 with "Fancy" and No. 2 on Ariana Grande's "Problem."

Although eyebrows are being raised at his personal life, "No Mediocre" finds T.I. at a good mood looking for dimes over a tropical steel pan-based beat. Azalea drops a serviceable set of bars, and even gives a surprise Mike Bibby reference for the folks reminiscing on when the Sacramento Kings were actually good.

"No Mediocre" will appear on Paperwork and will be available on iTunes at midnight this Tuesday.