Promotion for Swizz Beatz's forthcoming Poison album is officially in full swing. Earlier today (Oct. 3), the producer-rapper continued promoting the project by unloading "25 Soldiers," a striking new song and video that features the talents of Young Thug.

For the video, Swizzy and Thugger head to the site of a post-apocalyptic war zone. The visual opens with the sounds of a violently loud helicopter propellers, walky-talky radio conversations and explosions. The sky is the color of dark clay, and the overall setting resembles a hell on earth.

Inside of a war-ravaged building, we see alternating shots of Swizzy beating the wall with his fist and Thug mouthing the words to his "25 Soldiers" verse. Despite the ostensive theme of the song, Thugger takes a free associative approach to his lyrics on the track.

While Thug's verse is loaded with quick-fire flexes, he definitely focuses on violence for the track. "Ape-shit, pussy, hashtag that/Red Lobster ask Beyonce, where the crabs at?/Big bloody, bang with 5, where McNabb at at?/.44 push your top back, where your scab at?" Thugger spits on the song.

For his part, Swizzy serves up a hook that lets you know he's war ready. "I got 25 soldiers, 25 holsters/I got 25 soldiers, 25 horses (25)/Man, we ain't about the games, we not about the games (game)/You know we ain't about the games, we not about the games (not about no games)," he spits.

"25 Soldiers" was preceded by Swizzy's Lil Wayne-assisted Poison single, "Pistol on My Side" and “It’s Okayyy.” The album is all set to drop on Nov. 2, and it will include features from Thugger, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and more.

Peep the video for "25 Soldiers" below.

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