Swizz Beatz might be putting together the greatest winning streak of all time. He started creating chart-topping hits as a teenager, has worked with greats like Jay Z, married R&B royalty Alicia Keys, and now he can add Harvard student to the roster.

The Grammy winning producer has been accepted into Harvard Business School's Owner/President Management program. The HBS program, launching on May 11, is geared for top executives of companies with annual sales of at least $10 million. He announced his acceptance into the program on his Instagram account in mid April.

And Swizz going to for the full college experience as well. On the red carpet for "Amazing Spiderman 2" (Keys appears on the soundtrack) he told Showbiz411.com that will be living in the dorms. He plans on having his wife and their son, Egypt, join him on weekends.

“I could have stayed with a lot of different famous people,” he explained. “But I didn’t want to pull strings. And I wanted to have the full experience of being there.”

One of the first things that Swizzy probably learned is higher education is not cheap. The total cost of the program is over $100,000.

While never attending college previously, this will not be the hit-maker's first experience in academia. In 2010 he was named the first "Producer in Residence" at New York University- G. Valentino Ball