Swet Shop Boys, a duo made up of former Das Racist rapper Heems and Riz MC (also known as actor Riz Ahmed) release “Thas My Girl” to streaming platforms. The song is off their six-song vinyl-only EP titled Sufi La that released on Record Store Day last month. The EP will finally get a proper release and be posted on all streaming sites later this month on May 26.

"Thas My Girl" finds Heems and Riz spit with creativity about having sex with a woman. "She do me prolly, she Oochie Wally, her coochie smiling/She truly wildin, She do the styling, her booty violent/She belly dancing, romancing me while I’m watching Belly/Her jelly moving/She doing me and I’m never jelly," raps Heems to start off the song.

Last year, Swet Shop Boys dropped their fantastic debut album, Cashmere, that touched on political and racial discussions around the world. Heems and Riz MC spoke with XXL back in September about a number of topics, including their songs’ content, which touches on current issues such as Donald Trump, racial issues and more.

Riz told XXL, “This stuff has been on our minds for a long time, since we were kids. I suffered many experiences, violent and verbal, racism and every different kind. This is a part of everyday reality of people of color.”

Bump “Thas My Girl" below.

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