After over a year hiatus, Supa Bwe is returning with his first full-length project, Finally DeadThe newest song off the album is "Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)." The track is produced by TayMasterChef and finds Supa crooning for a woman's love. 

"'Thot Goddess' is me asking for a women's love and in return I will provide her life and everything it has to offer," he explains to XXL. "I'm also showing off my vocal range and addressing the artists who are now using the style I created years ago."

An interesting aspect of the song is its latter part, specifically the line "Niggas stole my swag/I don't even want it back." This line was annotated by Supa Bwe himself and he reveals who he is talking about. "I’ve been making ’Screamo/Emo' rap for 10 years now," he writes. "I’m literally 28, meaning that when I was 17/18 I was making music exactly the same way, so unless this nigga Trippie Redd was rapping/singing like that when he was 7, 8 years old, the boy obviously biting."

Finally Dead is a 12-track project featuring Xavier Omar, Saba and more. The singles released off the project, “Up Right Now,” “I Hate Being Alive” and “The Moon,” show off Supa's versatility.

Bump "Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)" below,

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