Ahead of the release of his upcoming album, Finally Dead, Supa Bwe drops his latest single, "Down Comes the Spaceman."

With some help from fellow Chicago artist Saba, "Down Comes the Spaceman" finds the two telling their origin stories over a beat co-produced by Money Montage. Speaking about the song, Supa Bwe said, "'Down Comes the Space Man' represents my inability to fit in no matter where I am, be it the hood, the burbs, or anywhere in between. I feel like a spaceman, and as a Black American, get treated as such."

He added, "When I say 'spaceman,' I don't mean a literal astronaut, but in a more, 'It came from space!' vintage movie vibe, or like Superman's origin as he's from a different planet and has a hard time dealing with 'being a human.' Being a human is hard. This is my origin song, it's me explaining my journey from Krypton to Earth. It's explaining why I feel the way I do and how long and hard I've worked to be here today."

Check out the tracklist for Supa Bwe's upcoming album and listen to "Down Comes the Spaceman" below.

Supa Bwe's Finally Dead Tracklist

1. "Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)"
2. "Black Goku (I Really Like You)"
3. "Up Right Now" Feat. Xavier Omar
4. "The Moon (Run It Up)"
5. "Big Dummy"
6. "Wok Wok" Feat. Juju
7. "Down Comes the Spaceman" Feat. Saba
8. "Numbers & Colors"
9. "Supa's Sweater Song"
10. "Stolen Hearts (Thanos)"
11. "Clout Daddy"
12. "I Hate Being Alive"
13. "Supa Bwe" (Bonus Track)
14. "4 Stacks" (Bonus Track)
15. "Hating On Me" Feat. UG VAVY (Bonus Track)
16. "Still Can't Find Happiness" (Thanos) (Bonus Track)

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