Ruby Da Cherry and $lick, collectively known as the New Orleans duo $uicideboy$, drop off a woozy new anthem tonight (May 3) with "Planting the Roots Only to Fall Out the Tree." Listen to the new track below.

Hailing from the N.O., it's easy to draw a comparison to early Cash Money artists, but there's also a definitive Bone Thugs influence in Ruby and $lick's deliveries, with Lil Cig spitting the first verse before the 7th Ward Lord follows behind him.

These two are making some of the most groundbreaking rap out there, so if you aren't up on game, go peep some of their fantastic projects like Eternal GreyRadical $uicide and Grey Sheep 2They're planning on dropping their album I Don’t Want to Die in New Orleans in December of this year. We recently spoke to them about what they grew up listening to and what their goals in hip-hop are for The Break.

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