And just like that, the $uicideboy$'s debut album, I Want to Die in New Orleans, is here. Slick Sloth and Ruby da Cherry dropped off the project today (Sept. 7), and, if the pair's monstrous streaming numbers to this point tell you anything, their fans are happy they did.

Checking in at 14 tracks, I Want to Die in New Orleans is an LP filled with all of the rapid-fire flows and ominous instrumentals fans have come to expect from the Louisiana-hailing rap duo. Speaking on the project, the two offered up an explanation for its title.

"We have decided that none of this fame or money will ever make us happy," the duo wrote in an Instagram caption last month. "For a second there we thought it would. Therefore, we are changing the album title to...I Want To Die In New Orleans."

The $uicideboy$'s latest marks what feels like the duo's 100th project over the last few years. With a chemistry that only gets stronger and a legion of loyal fans, there's no telling what they could end up doing in the future.

Check out the latest from $uicideboy$ for yourself below.

$uicideboy$' I Want to Die in New Orleans Tracklist

1. "King Tulip"
2. "Bring Out Your Dead"
3. "Nicotine Patches"
4. "10,000 Degrees"
5. "122 Days"
6. "Phantom Menace"
7. "Krewe du Vieux (Comedy & Tragedy)"
8. "Wartime All the Time"
9. "Coma"
10. "Long Gone (Save Me From This Hell)?
11. "Meet Mr. Nice Guy"
12. "Carrollton"
13. "Fuck the Industry"
14. "I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel (IV)"

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